Initially our excitement for the Pirates of the Caribean series was numbed considerably by the disappointing second installment but things are looking up again for Jack Sparrow and his scurvy dogs. A host of interesting new characters and lessons learned from the previous films should mean Stranger Tides is less fools gold, more gold dubloon. Read on for a just-released glimpse of an old fav... BLACKBEARD (Ian McShane) The blackest soul and the darkest heart of any pirate who ever lived, striking fear into the bravest of sailors. Blackbeard, a name uttered in terror by all who sail the sea, or any unfortunate enough to encounter him on dry land. His flagship, the Queen Anne’s Revenge, is manned by zombies, festooned with the bones of his victims and spits fire from its bow to incinerate enemy ships, or the occasional crew member fallen out of favor. Blackbeard dabbles in the Black Arts and wields a sword imbedded with one of the three sapphires of Triton. But Blackbeard lives under the shadow of a prophesied death, his only hope the restorative waters of the Fountain of Youth. Whatever it takes, no matter who is crushed beneath the weight of his heartless ambition, Blackbeard will get there, by any possible means.