Pittsburgh-based drag star Moon Baby has already made several splashes with her compelling, ethereal singles. But on 'MaraLago,' Moon Baby has offered a sneering, stinging rebuke of U.S. President Donald Trump.

When Moon Baby sings that the song's unnamed antagonist — identified by his predilection for grabbing women's privates — is "swinging his clubs down in Mar-a-Lago," any questions about the target of her ire go out the window. 'MaraLago' is certainly not a song about subtlety, but that's a good thing as Moon Baby drops barbs and bombs with unbridled abandon. When she sings, "You come into my city, I'ma fuck you up...because boys like you hurt girls like me," you can sense the urgency and the conviction.

Moon Baby hails from Pittsburgh, but also spends time down in Florida in relatively close proximity to the titular Mar-a-Lago resort. As a result, she is positioning herself to use to her compelling sonics, singular story and her anger to offer one of the best musical rebukes of the current U.S. administration to date.

Take a listen to Moon Baby's 'MaraLago' below.