The Andy Warhol Bridge in Pittsburgh, USA has been yarn-bombed (see above). The overpass is the only American structure of its kind to have been named after a visual artist, thus inspiring the project 'Knit the Bridge'. Over 1,800 volunteers were called on to hand-knit and crochet decorative panels to cover the bridge's entire surface, an installation which forms part of Pittsburgh's triennial art exhibition.

Despite taking inspiration from the guerrilla knitting/yarn-bombing movement which creates subversive urban graffiti from textile materials, this gigantic artwork was rather legit, requiring government-employed bridge maintenance workers to get down to the knitty gritty of installing the fabric pieces. Considering Warhol's ideal of pop art based on the everyday culture of the masses, I am sure he would approve of this democratic and accessible artwork. Not only aesthetically pleasing, but useful too - the hard efforts of the volunteers will not be wasted, as when the exhibit is disassembled, all knitted blankets will be cleaned and donated to homeless shelters and other worthy causes.