Hello and welcome. This bit of news is about Pixies and in particular it is about the announcement that they will be releasing a 25th anniversary edition of their — hmm, I'd say seminal but it's too, uh, semen-denoting — let's say important album, Doolitte.

This is no ordinary re-release, however. It will actually include like 50 songs across three discs, the first being the album itself, the second made up of B-sides and Peel sessions, and the third comprising entirely of demos; it also comes in LP format, both it and the CD versions coming with download cards that will get you digital copies of all the songs as well as four bonus tracks.

For a fan of Pixies, or music memorabilia in general, this is probably a cool thing to get. It was the album that brought the music of this quite influential band to the wider world, thanks to a joint-release between American label Elektra and UK's 4AD, the latter of which are the ones taking care of this special release 25 years later.

The album, called Pixies: Doolittle 25, can be pre-ordered from Pixies' official site. For now, let's have fun with the first track from album, 'Debaser'. I AM UN CHIEN ANDALUSIA.