The Pixies are set to finally release their 2004 compilation Wave of Mutilation on vinyl next January 17th. The compilation brings together the band’s singles, two stand-out B-sides (‘Into the White’ and ‘Winterlong’), as well as many key album tracks. Packaged in a gatefold sleeve and manufactured as a double disc set, the first European pressing of Wave of Mutilation will be released on orange coloured vinyl, while the US version will be available in black. Tracklisting: Side One 'Bone Machine' 'Nimrod's Son' 'The Holiday Song' 'Caribou' 'Broken Face' 'Gigantic' Side Two 'Vamos' 'Hey' 'Monkey gone To Heaven' 'Debaser' 'Gouge Away' 'Wave Of Mutilation' Side Three 'Here Comes Your Man' 'Tame' 'Where Is My Mind?' 'Into The White' 'Velouria' Side Four 'Allison' 'Dig For Fire' 'U-Mass' 'Alec Eiffel' 'Planet Of Sound' 'Winterlong'