Following on from the garish brilliance of recent singles like 'highschool' and 'gymnasium', Pizzagirl has today released the stoic 'body part'. It's a song that once again harks back to 80s pop tropes, in all the right ways. Pizzagirl describes the experience of 'body part':

“You’re scrolling on the World Wide Web and you reach, but you click the wrong link and you’re virtually sucked into a dark, smoky, glitchy chatroom, where a badly rendered waitress serves you a beat pie by mistake, now your new CGI ears have accidentally downloaded my freshest tune, BODY PART!”

That does seem like what someone from the 80s would think about how the internet works - and the authentic 80s sound is intact at the start of 'body part', as Pizzagirl finds himself shunned and isolated repeating "'cause they hate me now." Soon he busts out of this self-pitying miasma and takes us down several dynamic routes, using some more modern production techniques on his voice to amp up the drama and desperation of the track. 'body part' shows again that things aren't always going swimmingly in Pizzagirl's wacky highschool world, but he can channel those troubles into glistening and compelling electro-pop. Check it out below.

Heist or Hit will be releasing Pizzagirl's Season 2 EP on November 30th. He's also got these live dates coming up:

1st Dec – Sound Basement, Liverpool
3rd Dec – The Louisiana, Bristol
4th Dec – The Chameleon Arts Café, Nottingham
5th Dec – The Hope and Ruin, Brighton