Pizzagirl has an unabashed nostalgia for the 80s - except he was born long after they were over. His nostalgia is really for the world of the 80s seen through the Hollywood lens, particularly the films of John Hughes. It's no surprise then that his bedroom synthpop has all the hallmarks of a lovelorn pop track off one of those classic soundtracks. The Liverpool-based musician's adoration for American TV and movie tropes is something he brandishes with pride though, and as such he's named his upcoming album Season 2 (out in November), and has today shared the lead single 'highschool'.

By way of introduction, he says: "Your boy is back and my lunch is packed with some fresh new beat sandwiches ready for us all to snack down! Whether you be a beauty queen, jock or something in-between all are welcome on my bus as we take a trip to the first stop, HIGHSCHOOL."

The larger than life personality displayed in the quote above finds a perfect foil in Pizzagirl's pastel-coloured synths and melodramatic tales of losing your cool. The track is overtly adolescent - and is all the more irresistible for it. Check out 'highschool' below.

Pizzagirl's Season 2 EP will be coming out in November via Heist or Hit. Keep track of him on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.