PJ Harvey has shared a new track this weekend called 'Shaker Aamer' - which is named after Guantánamo Bay detainee Shaker Aamer, who has spent the last 11 years detained without charge or trial - despite being cleared for release in 2007 by the Bush administration, and in 2009 by the Obama administration.

The song was shared via The Guardian, and was accompanied by some words from Clive Stafford Smith, Aamer's lawyer and director of Guantánamo prisoner rights organization Reprieve:

"We hope people listen to this song and think about Shaker Aamer's plight: detained for 11 years, without charge or trial – despite having been cleared for release by both Bush and Obama.

"The UK government must do everything it can to bring Shaker back home to his wife and kids in London, where he belongs. PJ Harvey has written a wonderful song – I know Shaker will be deeply moved by it, and I only hope that, with the support of the public, he will one day be able to listen to it in freedom."

The song can be heard by heading here.