PJ Harvey has announced that her new album, the latest following her 2011 album Let England Shake, is going to be recorded in front of a live actual public audience at Somerset House in London. It is called, Recording in Progress, which don't you think is a Very Clever Title?

But hang on – all the headlines are misleading! It's not a one-take recording or anything like that, it's the proper process. It's going to be a four-week-long recording extravaganza with PJ Harvey alongside musicians and producers in a little box made of one-way mirrors. Cool for the audience, but weird for the people inside the box, who'll just be surrounded by mirrors.

"I want Recording in Progress to operate as if we’re an exhibition in a gallery," said PJ. "I hope visitors will be able to experience the flow and energy of the recording process." A statement for the album and this process said that it would only be "witnessed by small groups of visitors" at a time, on a constant rotation, for as long as the recording for that day goes on. For four weeks.

The installation runs from 16th January to 14th February in Somerset House's New Wing. Tickets are available here.

Oh, and did you hear that PJ Harvey is gonna be releasing a poetry book called The Hollow Of The Hand?