Do you have a huge fan of PJ Harvey in your life (or are one yourself)? Were you unable to make it to any of her "Recording in Progress" sessions? Good news, then! She's selling replica lyric sheets of the songs she wrote while she was recording her new album in public. Those songs are "Sight Seeing South of the River", "Medicinals", "The Children", "The Ministry of Social Affaires", "The Revolving Wheel", "Imagine This", "River Anacostia" and "UNHCR", and if you were able to make it to one of her recording sessions, how cool would it be to recognize the song you saw her record on the lyric sheet?

The Somerset House website says that "These unique lyric sheets were reproduced to illustrate how the process of songwriting entails numerous drafts." They're also auctioning off ten prints of photographs of Harvey that her long time collaborator, photographer/filmmaker Seamus Murphy, took of Harvey. They'll be autographed by both people, and if you miss out on getting one of the first ten, you can buy #11 onwards as well.