Plague Vendor have revealed plans to release their second album By Night on June 7th; it's coming out through Apitaph and was recorded with John Congleton. If all that doesn't get you excited enough, then savage lead single 'New Comedown' undoubtedly will. Explaining how the track came into electrifying life, frontman Brandon Blaine explains:

"When we were writing 'New Comedown,' there were a lot of colors and themes that were coming through, so we thought it best to finalize the verses once we were in the recording studio... The energy, urgency, and excitement there was unmatched. We caught lightning in the booth and trapped it in the recording."

'New Comedown' is an aerodynamic and bloody punk song, guitar and bass fuzzed to the max beneath Blaine's vicious vocal. In tandem, Plague Vendor whizz through the thrilling track, sonically yanking the listener through a whirlwind of post-punk prowess. The intensity of the track is high throughout, but somehow Plague Vendor find a way to ramp up the gear at the perfect moments in hair-raising displays of their musical dynamism.

'New Comedown' also comes with a video directed by Dan Monick. Check it out below.

Plague Vendor's By Night comes out through Epitaph on June 7th - you can pre-order/pre-save it here.