London-based electronic band Plaid have probably been one of Warp’s more underrated artists over the years, with a host of records that further demonstrate the evolution of their Intelligent Dance Music. As a testament to this concept you can trace the duo’s sound all the way back to their earliest recordings in Trainer, and before that to when they were a proto incarnation of themselves and known simply as The Black Dog.

In Scintilli, their first album for eight years, Plaid’s output has bloomed into vast complexity more daring than their previous releases. There were glimpses of this on Double Figure but that album was dominated by aural-friendly melodies within the electronic madness. Here, Andy Turner and Ed Handley twist the knife every time a refrain threatens to take hold but still manage to present consistent ideas.

Scintilli at times sounds like it as been composed by some sort of incredibly intelligent supercomputer for its own amusement often exploring rhythms beyond the scope of human understanding. You should not be surprised to learn that the angelic female voice that occasionally floats above the beats, clicks and tones is entirely computer generated.

Sometimes harsh, often challenging, and frequently unexpected, this record is hardcore IDM - a delight for those familiar with the genre, and a thrown gauntlet to everybody else.