Jam Rostron, or Planningtorock, has revealed her new album All Love's Legal which discusses a de-genderized study of femininity. It'll be released in February 2014 on Human Level records. The album found its roots in the black, queer origins of dance music and is her most serious and refined work yet. After she finished up with the W tour, she came to the realization that she wanted to make inspiring and liberating music, while making sure she wasn't being patronizing about it; in her words, she wanted to "create music that is useful."

Watch their new self-directed video for the opening track, 'Welcome', here. It's a chill, just under two minute track that sets up the tone of the album perfectly.

  • 1. Welcome
  • 2. All Love's Legal
  • 3. Human Drama
  • 4. Answer Land
  • 5. Let's Talk About Gender Baby
  • 6. Words Are Glass
  • 7. Misogyny Drop Dead
  • 8. Beyond Binary Binds
  • 9. Steps
  • 10. Public Love
  • 11. Purple Love
  • 12. Patriarchy Over & Out