Planningtorock is the vehicle for Janine "PTR" Rostron's eclectic art-pop outputs. Rostron is a classically trained violinist, who ditched sunny Bolton for Berlin back in 2002. After just 18 months in the musically experimental city she began performing at underworld clubs. Her live shows are renowned for their eccentricity with Rostron donning weird helmets, costumes, fake limbs (see the nose in photo) and interacting with virtual characters. 'I am Your Man', taken from her new album W, is indicative of the gender confusion and sexual consternation that runs through the record, with Rostron singing “I am your man my friend / and I am just the right man for you.” Rostron is not a man you see, and it's difficult to pick that up for most of this track - only in the final verse of the song with the raised pitch can you be sure (although even then she sounds a bit like Mick Jagger at the top of his range).