Though they already have two EP’s under their belts, Plastic Mermaids is the delirious but delightful new band you never thought you needed.

Perforating a gigantic chamber pop sound with woozy hues of space rock and ornate orchestral flairs, Plastic Mermaids brandishes a richly-textured blueprint that few can replicate, and ‘Taxonomy’—the latest cut from their debut album out now via Sunday Best Recordings—offers an apt glimpse into their wacky world of sound and visuals.

In celebration of today’s release of the Suddenly Everyone Explodes, the Isle of Wight-based five-piece has also unveiled a bizarre new music video for their fourth and final single.

As they’ve so peculiarly accomplished through their music, the band also has a knack for weird world-building through their videos. ‘Taxonomy’ is yet another dizzying visual effort that pairs perfectly with their brand of psych-pop, but this time they follow the route of clay animation in the same vein as Bruce Bickford who created stop-motion animations for the great Frank Zappa. While the result is no Bickford, Plastic Mermaids self-produced endeavor comes pretty damn close with the help of about 20 of their fans.

On the track, the band reflected on the grueling production of the new video: “Doug did some maths and realized that if we shot one frame every minute it was going to take us 54 hours of constant animation. Not wanting to die of exhaustion we decided to put a message out on our socials to see if we could get any extra helpers and we had about 20 Plastic Mermaids fans (of all ages) come and help us with the model making and animating. It was still a pretty intense experience trying to average one frame every 30 seconds and if we hadn’t had anyone help us we’d probably still be animating now!”

The claymation visual is disorienting and at times unnerving as disfigured clay beings hallucinate after feasting upon some DMT-infused ice cream served and sold by a creepy little mustache man. But the strange concept doesn’t end there. After tripping out, those who ate the ice cream experience explosive side effects—literally.

Make sure to check out the music video for ‘Taxonomy’ above and follow Plastic Mermaids on Facebook and Instagram.