Brooklyn-based quartet Plastic Picnic’s sound is nestled in the locale of 80s synth-pop and bracing indie rock. Their new single ‘Well Wasted’, presumably off a debut LP coming this year, glides down a sonic avenue of pure bliss and comfort. Lead singer Emile Panerio’s vocals transmit amicable and warm tones as the rest of the band provides all the fixings for a dreamy and engaging production. Deep contemplation resonates throughout lyrics, as the perspicacious outfit embraces the questions pertaining to the meaning of life within their four-minute-plus endeavor.

A youthful reflection with uncertainty waiting at every turn of the page, the new single ‘Well Wasted’, according to the band, “is about feeling lost in the neon haze of your twenties, trying to identify clarity in your future when youth is fleeting. The song raises the question, ‘was your youth well spent?’ and explores how we are so focused on the present moment that we may lose foresight on what should be done now to secure a healthy future.”

Take your first listen to Plastic Picnic’s ‘Well Wasted’ below:

Frontman Emile Panerio, guitarist Lincoln Lute, drummer Gordon Taylor, and bassist Marshall Hunt are a product of the Brooklyn music scene, but the guys are originally from Seattle. ‘Well Wasted’ follows Plastic Picnic’s late 2018 single ‘Doubt’, which is revitalizing in its own right. Prior to that single they had released their self-titled debut EP in 2017. Looking onward, the group plans to release more music this year. They’ll be playing Brooklyn’s Baby’s All Right on February 7th and will be headed to SXSW in March.

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