Continuing in our series of guest mixes known as Plastic Platform we call up BLVC SVND from the bench for his turn on the pitch. He's a producer, purportedly from "heaven" (according to his SoundCloud), whose music is typified by towering beats, chain rattling hi-hats, cracking snares and explosive, hyper-distorted kicks, punctuating otherworldly washes of ambience or samples from existing songs.

We're happy to have given him this chance to showcase his back catalogue, as well as a few tracks that he digs, which include Drake's 'How Bout Now' and 'Bandz a Make Her Dance' by Juicy J. Ready yourself for an odyssey of beats. Go!


  • 1. BLVC SVND - Life Is Like A Jungle
  • 2. Drake - Worst Behavior (Eric Dingus Remix)
  • 3. BLVC SVND - Nah So Doe
  • 4. Travis Scott - Mamacita
  • 5. BLVC SVND - 'Aurous'
  • 6. BLVC SVND - 'Misfortune'
  • 7. Shabba Ranks (BLVC SVND remix)
  • 8. Drake - How Bout Now
  • 9. BLVC SVND - Robin
  • 10. BLVC SVND - Coast to Coast
  • 11. BLVC SVND - Get Off Twitter Babe
  • 12. Juicy J - Bandz a Make Her Dance
  • 13. BLVC SVND feat. Oshi - Broken
  • 14. BLVC SVND - Tfw U Can't Take It Anymore