Welcome to a new mix series from The 405 called 'Plastic Platform'. We aim to bring you a new mix every Wednesday for the rest of the year, so mark it in your diaries folks.

First up we have Keil Corcoran from STRFKR / Starfucker presenting us with a mix inspired by his first roommate.

This mixtape is inspired by my first roommate I had when I was 17. She was a goth girl that wore triple-extra-large Tupac shirts and had surface piercings all over her body. We would sit around listening to hip-hop and dark post punk while drinking Milwaukee's Best and cough syrup. Growing up in Las Vegas is weird.

'Hard in da Paint' - Waka Flocka Flame: This song is so hard. There's also a terrific parody of this by Baracka Flocka Flame. Google it.

'Polaroid Roman Photo' - Ruth: Ruth is one of the only French post-punk bands I can think of off the top of my head. This song is a classic.

'Been Around the World' - A$AP Rocky: This is a smooth jam. This kid is rad.

'Raum' - Grauzone:: Everyone and their mom jocks the track 'Eisbaer' but this is my favorite Grauzone jam by far. Sick sax, delay pedal usage, and harsh synth blasts.

'Dope Boys' (Bird Peterson Remix) - Gucci Mane: Off Diplo's Free Gucci mixtape. The ethereal production contrasts nicely with Gucci's hard ass trap flow. Luvv it.

'Controversy Between' - Front 242: Love me some early EBM. Get it.

'Fellin' Myself' - Mac Dre: Thizzing out.

'Primary' - The Cure: Probably my favorite Cure song.

'Pop Bottles' - Birdman feat. Lil Wayne: We pop champagne like we won a championship game.

'Qual' (12" remix) - X-Mal Deutschland: One of the many fabulous bands 4AD was putting out in the 80's. Fetisch is an amazing record.

You can visit STRFKR / Starfucker by heading to www.facebook.com/Starfucker