Last week we brought you the first edition in our new mix series Plastic Platform, which featured a killer mix curated by STRFKR. This weeks edition is from the wonderful Keep Shelly In Athens.

Are you excited? Well you should be. You're about to go on a fifty minute adventure, which is sure to leave you in an orgasmic heap on the floor during its climax.

Have a listen, and make sure you read their rather amazing mix description.

Mix Description

Ha! Do you remember??? 2011 was a great year for us, dear, a year that some of our dreams came true. But we do not stop here. We were saying "what else, nothing satisfied." Oh, well, to get an expensive looks you shall keep it on..and work, work, work...

And somehow, everything is going to be fine - Sun Glitters said so...hahah...

Giggles for the end of the year in the Ant city...and then dive...Here you go Keep Shelly in Athens! Tycho let you dive, but watch out, there are chains over there...

Echoes, echoes of mine had to be listened to, now...Things are getting serious. And then a Serafim's song, baby tel. Tell 'em...Beautiful! Are you a believer now? One of the nicest songs of the year!! John Maus and 'Believer'. We love him - nothing else to say...And then, dark electronic sound with industrial aesthetics from those greeks, Ivory Frequency. But after all these beasts, and demons, we need all of Heaven birds. And bounty...Please! End theme...

All the best to all of you for 2012. Enjoy!


  • 1.Gacha - Remember
  • 2.Expensive Looks - Nothing More
  • 3.Sun Glitters - Everything Could Be Fine
  • 4.Kuedo - Ant City
  • 5.Tycho - Dive
  • 6.Keep Shelly in Athens - The Chains
  • 7.M83 - Echoes Of Mine
  • 8.Serafim Tsotsonis - Baby Tel
  • 9.John Maus - Believer
  • 10.Ivory Frenquency - Beasts and Demons
  • 11.Iain Morrison - All of Heaven Birds (RPR of KSia remix)
  • 12.Vangelis - The Bounty (End Theme)