Following Casiokids' Bergen inspired mix from last week was always going to be difficult, but the rather awesome Cristina Checa from Granit has stepped up to the challenge with this 45 minute chunk of brilliance. Granit might not be a familiar name to you right now, but if they continue to release brilliant EP's such as their recent self-titled one (listen here), then that's sure to change soon.

Have a listen and let us know what you think.


I've selected a dozen songs that i can't stop listening to while riding my bike at the most strange times of the day. I really get inspired when I cycle down Passeig Sant Joan at full pelt and sometimes I find myself singing out really loud. I like to think that nobody notices that there goes that weird girl on wheels singing, but I can't help thinking that someday I'll get run over and killed by a car.


  • 1. Emerald Web - 'Flight of the raven'
  • 2. Franco Battiato - 'Una cellula'
  • 3. Laurel Halo - 'Embassy'
  • 4. Roberto Cacciapaglia - 'Portrait'
  • 5. Tones on tail - 'Lions'
  • 6. Eyeless in gaza - 'Scale Amiss'
  • 7. The wilde flowers - 'Impotence'
  • 8. John Fahey - 'Days have gone by'
  • 9. Peter Davison - 'Winds of space'
  • 10. John Bender - '36a3'
  • 11. Peaking Lights - 'All the sun that shines'
  • 12. Teams - 'Dxys Xff'