Our relationship with Boogie Howser (Kirk Opheim) only started a few week's ago when we gave his latest track, 'Take Me Home', our 'Track of the Day' badge. This soon lead to an email exchange, which ended up with this 'Plastic Platform' mix.

This 50 minute epic from the Canadian producer might be the finest 50 minutes we've heard all year, especially when that Falty DL track kicks in.

Give it a spin and let us know what you think.


The theme is "Early Spring" because of the lack of snow and unusually warm weather in my Canadian city in recent Winter months.

The rare conditions have me feelin' an odd selection of tracks that remind me of the current semi-icy, semi-sunny landscape of my home. The atmosphere doesn't lean too much to one side and has a tendency to change unexpectedly, like the weather.

Part of the focus was to have a slow, ambient beginning and progress gradually into the beats, which transition from idm to hiphop, bass and garage. Best enjoyed in the early morning hours.


  • 1.Susumu Yokota- Your Twinkling Eyes
  • 2.RL/VL- Some People Just Go Downhill
  • 3.Beat-Maker-Beat- HuuHooHaa
  • 4.DZA- Zookeeper (Salva remix)
  • 5.Mrs.Jynx- Roundabout
  • 6.Jazzo & Melodiesinfonie- Stay
  • 7.Falty DL- Eight Eighteen Ten
  • 8.Tek 9- Whispers
  • 9.Buck UK- Once
  • 10.Sitezen- OST
  • 11.Sully- Encona
  • 12.Zach Christ- Hach Me (Shigeto's 4AM Edit)