Melbourne-based Christopher Port has put together an awesome mix ahead of the release of his DARK EP, due out on October 20th. It's the latest installment in our Plastic Platform series.

"This mix highlights some of the tracks that I was listening to while working on the DARK EP," he explains. "Some really gentle atmospheric stuff to start, then it picks up into some more clubby stuff and finishes with a mixture of some of my wider musical influences. There is a really strong sense of emotion in each track. Whether that emotion be loneliness, isolation, anger, apathy...the common theme is that they each contain some form of 'DARK' emotion." Listen below.


Christopher Port - 'Nobody Chose You'
Burial - 'Subtemple / Airling - 'And There Will Be Good Days'
Leftenent - 'We Can Do Better'
Burial & Four Tet - 'Unreleased'
Daphni - 'Hey Drum'
Duplex - 'Dark Synthesis'
Four Tet - 'For These Times'
Jacques Greene - 'You See All My Light'
Friendships - 'The Roof'
BV - '"B2V"'
TRG - 'Put You Down'
Randomer - 'Brunk'
Nii Tettey Tetteh - 'Wegwan'
Angel Olsen - Intern'
David Bowie - 'This Is Not America'
DJ Seinfeld - 'U'