With his debut LP Ultraviolet set for release on March 2nd, we felt it was time to invite London-based Bearcubs to take part in our Plastic Platform mix series. Here's what he had to say about his track choices:

"A lot of the artists in the mix are people I have discovered recently over the past few months, I've been searching further afield for new sounds and scenes happening around the world, using the power of the internet to inspire myself in positive ways. Here I've included a fair few Russian artists as they, in particular, are making some really cool music. A lot of it is very icy, bleak and longing which fits my current wintery mood."

Starting with a one-two punch of Kedr Livanskiy and Kelly Lee Owens, and ending with 'The Throning' by Hype Williams, makes this an essential listen. Dive in below.


Kedr Livanskiy - 'Razrushitelniy Krug (Destructive Cycle)'
Kelly Lee Owns - 'Oleic'
Avalon Emerson - 'One More Fluorescent Rush'
George Michelle - 'Where Chavis Becomes Sunset'
Ishi Vu - 'Is This Love'
åmnfx - 'Larache'
DJ Seinfeld - 'U Hold Me Without Touch'
Unfinished Portraits - 'Closeness' Negative Gemini - 'Rollercoaster' (edit)
åmnfx - 'Moscow Beat'
Eliphino - 'Link Later'
Shinichi Atobe - 'First Plate 3'
Hype Williams - 'The Throning'