The latest mix for our Plastic Platform series comes from Findlay Brown, whose new album Not Everything Beautiful Is Good is due out on May 18th via Nettwerk.

Described by Brown himself as "music for dreaming," the mix is "a selection of songs that I really love at the moment. Apart from that, I think what they also have in common is that they all have a transcendent quality to them in some way and conjure up feelings of being in nature with different landscapes environments and conditions, The rain the Sun, being by the sea, in the forest, the mountains. At sunrise or sunset feeling warm/cold... being alone having a sense of the size/scope of everything, the interconnectedness and knowing your place in it all."

Check out the mix below, along with the tracklist.


Mind Over Mirrors - 'Restore & Sleep'
Lal and Mike Waterson - 'Bright Phoebus'
Jan Hammer Group - 'Don't You Know'
John Martyn - 'Please Fall In Love With Me'
James Holden - 'Each Moment Like The First'
Snow Palms - 'You Are Here'
Yusef Lateef - 'Like It Is'
Smog - 'Palimpsest'
Ned Doheny - 'Get It Up for Love'
Eluvium - 'Fugue State'