"This mix was recorded alone in my bedroom, it was heavily raining as I recorded it, so I guess that set the mood at first," explains Kareful - the latest artist to contribute to our Plastic Platform series. "Many of the tracks in the mix are from our Liquid Ritual compilation which is coming in April, many of them have yet to be played yet. So this is the first time you'll be hearing them. There is unreleased music from myself, Sorsari, Noah B, Kavern, Deadcrow, Skeler and many more! One of my favourite tracks in this mix is Skeler - 'We're Burning' which is coming on Liquid Ritual late spring/early summer."

He continues: "The wave scene has moved firmly into the real world now, with many new promoters popping up globally, and a few artists other than myself touring now. Our project Liquid Ritual is entering phase two, which involves putting together a collective who will represent the label - a core family. This is a carefully picked team of artists we believe are pushing the boundaries of wave, and the idea is to bring these people together to push things a lot further for us and for the music itself."

While most people wouldn't go out of their way to celebrate the 110th version of something - excluding birthdays, of course - it's hard not to open up a bottle of champagne when you listen to this mix. Get on it below, and head over to Kareful's SoundCloud to keep up-to-date with all his releases.