Welcome to an exclusive mix by Sebastian Weikart and Anthony Chalmers from Robot Elephant Records, which includes exclusive and unreleased preview tracks from forthcoming releases. Husband, Blue on Blue and Hipdiebattery play live with DJ sets from Anthony and Sebastian at a free entry label showcase at Shacklewell Arms, London on Friday 20th April. Husband and Hipdiebattery play Oakford Social Club, Reading on 21st April before being joined by Blue on Blue at Sticky Mike's Frog Bar, Brighton on the 24th April.


  • 1. Woodpecker Wooliams - Hummingbird (Demo) (exclusive unreleased track from upcoming album on RER)
  • 2. Blue on Blue - Night Terrors (exclusive unreleased track from upcoming EP on RER)
  • 3. David Whittaker - Panther (from SID Chip Sounds out now on RER)
  • 4. Severin - Factory Fodder (from EP High Shot/ Tip Top Records)
  • 5. Hipdiebattery - We Don't Care It's Summer (Demo) (demo from upcoming album on RER)
  • 6. Men in Burka - Johnny Passport (Demo)
  • 7. Carter Tutti Void - V4 (Mute)
  • 8. Crewdson - Dust Crawler (Slowfoot)
  • 9. Unison - Brothers and Sisters (Lentonia)
  • 10. Funerals - Water Over Night (from RER vs. TD compilation out now on RER)
  • 11. LA2019 - Airport Carpark(Blood & Biscuits)