Ella and Flo Zwietnig are the married couple behind Berlin-based UMA, where the duo create enigmatic electronic nuggets of the experimental variety.

If you fancy some visual stimuli for our latest Plastic Platform mix, you couldn't do much better than checking out the self-directed surrealist video to 'Drop Your Soul' - taken from the EP of the same name which you can purchase here and on vinyl here. Read their intro below for news on the debut LP and thoughts behind their didactic mix.

As we are currently spending some proper amount of time in the Austrian country side to start writing and recording our first Album, our current playlists are all in parts dealing with songs we like to think of as inspirational.

Every song, in one way or the other is in parts or in its entirety important for us. Their value for our album lies in sounds/arrangements but also some of them are produced especially well or are able to point out a very unique position and independent approach in writing music.

When it comes to vocal arrangements we are very much attached and impressed by traditional songs that used to be part of a cultural identity we try to morph into our own path while creating our debut.

We hope you enjoy our small mix and hope to see your faces around at our concerts or over at: uma-music.net or our Facebook


  • Console- 14, Zero, Zero
  • Quakers- War Drums (feat. Guilty Simpson & Phat Kat)
  • Pariah- Detroit Falls
  • Mississippi and Louisiana State Penintentiaries Prisoners- Prettiest Train
  • o F F Love- Be around U
  • Bobby Womack- Please forgive my Heart
  • Liars- No.1 Against the Rush
  • Rounds- Wonders (Twin Empire Remix)
  • Streichmusik BΣnziger- Em R÷sli Siis, ZΣuerli