The Cardiff/London duo of Sinead McMillan and Luke Taylor produce inquisitive, smooth beats under the name of Face+heel - partly named after a professional wrestling terminology; the 'Face' a hero, the 'Heel' a villan.

It's a somewhat apt moniker for them in terms of didactics, Sinead allowing her classically trained background to steer composition and spacious elements of tracks, as Luke forms sound structures around lyrical components. It's been a busy year thus far with an EP, 'No Stars', already out and another, 'Love from the Shadows' due anytime soon. Not to mention thier Bolier Room set, and a myriad of London dates past and upcoming (see them next supporting Breton on 24th october).

For now, point your ears at their influences via a Plastic Platform mix they created for us. It's quite something.

  • Affect - Kollectiv Turmstrasse
  • Tense past - Holy Other
  • Efdemin - Nighttrain (Fred P remix)
  • Blondes - Hater
  • Ellen Alien - Way Out
  • Cocteau twins - Cherry-coloured Funk
  • Einstürzende Neubauten - The Garden
  • How to dress well - & it was U
  • Hyetal - Beach Scene
  • Darkstar - North
  • Phon.o - Leave a light on
  • Jacques Greene - These days
  • Machinedrum - No Respect
  • Estiu - John Talabot