For the uninitiated, 100% Silk are a good-time LA-based label, who specialise in cutting-edge four-to-the-floor glittery grooves encased in a hedonistic sponge. That's right, this mix is one most definitely designed to get out of your chair and wave some body parts around to, these are the people that (thankfully) alerted the world to the presence of Ital and Fort Romeau afterall.

Amanda Brown is the brains behind the dance-floor operation, with the label an offshoot of significant underground entity Not Not Fun - and in this mix you'll be treated to over 40 minutes of sumptuous disco/house grooves, some "SILKy 2012 bangers and mashers for yr earholes". The label toured Europe over the summer and it was all caught on film via a documentary, which is currently being edited. But for now, get our 23rd Plastic Platform mix inside of you.

  • Roland Tings - Roland's Beat
  • Just Black - Autumn Snow
  • Octo Octa - Deep Hurt
  • JMII - Fiesta Musica
  • Sir Stephen - The Acid Factor
  • Jonas Reinhardt - Foam Fangs
  • Magic Touch - From A Dream (Magic Touch Remix)