For our 33rd Plastic Platform we look to London five-piece Duologue who specialise in crafting nuanced electronica with a melange of organic instruments that soar somewhere into the upper reaches of the atmosphere.

The mix here is complied by beats and live programming guru Toby Leeming, with a rather cinematic feel as described in the intro below. Their debut album, Song & Dance, is out February 4th 2013 via Killing Moon Records that is followed by a UK tour with Post Away Years - including a free Album Launch show at Hoxton Bar & Kitchen, London, on 13th February. Full tour details here.

"This is a bit of a schizophrenic mix. A game of two halves and all that....and hopefully a little bit of a journey.

I rewatched Blade Runner last week and the combination of that and some fairly epic winter views out the window took its toll after a pretty cheerful start to this little jam. It sort of sums up the band really, we draw on a broad range of influences even if they aren't obviously present in our sound. Hopefully it'll all start to make a bit more sense to people when they listen through our album Song & Dance which is out next month.

We have done a few remixes so I took the chance to play a couple of those out, one of our first single 'Underworld' (folk can grab that from our website if they want and another of Cave Painting's new single 'Leaf' amongst a selection of other tunes I have been listening too lately, and an as yet unreleased song from our album, 'Constant'.

Then the sun went down and it all got a bit darker. I'm having a bit of a film music phase at the moment I stumbled across the new Kilmijaro Dark Jazz Ensemble last week and if anyone's interested you can grab that free on their site too. The Vangelis - Blade Runer soundtrack is about as epic as film music gets really and has been the soundtrack to my week. It all got a bit heavy by then so as we have got some great remixes on the way of our new single 'Push It' I thought I'd include one just in by The Third Man to end on a bit of a sweeter note!

Thanks for the invite and hope you enjoy the tunes and the single."

  • Tracklisting
  • Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - We No Who U R
  • Cave Painting - Leaf (Duologue Remix)
  • Thundercat - Fleer Ultra
  • Can - Vitamin C
  • Tame Impala - Feels Like We Only go Backwards
  • Telex - Moscow Disco
  • Mount Kimbie - Carbonated
  • Duologue - Constant
  • Clark - The Pining pt. II
  • Portishead - Machine Gun
  • The Kilimanjaro Dark Ensemble - Adaptation of the Koto Song
  • Duologue - Underworld (Duologue Dub Remix)
  • Radioactive Man - Uranium
  • Vangelis - Blade Runner (End Titles)
  • Duologue - Push It (The Third Man Remix)