We've been secretly hoping someone would step-up and throw a supreme curveball like Dream Koala has here for our Plastic Platform mix series.

The young Parisian producer has not only succeeded in concocting an alluring, superbly mixed dreamscape - the transition from Nicolas Jaar to Oneohtrix Point Never to Andy Stott is near the beginning is delightful - but has also created a video to soundtrack the experience. The 405 used to run an event titled the 'Silent Film Night' where we got an act to soundtrack a film that we chose with the sound off, and this is reminiscent of that idea as in an inspired move Dream Koala uses the animated version of Lord of the Rings from 1978 to go along side the mix. For further evidence of his mad skillz check out the Boiler Room he played with Flume also.

So you've got yourself two options here: grab some gaffer tape and a large dark rug to tape up over your windows, project the film on to the largest wall in your room and immerse yourself in the nebulous, earthy tones of part-techno spliced with beautiful ambient matter. Or grab your headphones and, well, do the same.

This is a mix I did a few days ago on UStream from my room. I recorded it on a cassette and sent it to the first 5 people who asked. What is interesting in this video is that its not really mine. Since what moment can you say a piece of work is yours or not? If it's art or not? Not one of the tracks on this mix are mine, but I did the selection. The movie you're watching is not mine, but I choose the environment where I wanted to film it and how to do it.

The footage is from the animated version of The Lord Of The Ring (1978). I forgot how many times I've watched it when I was younger, I used to love this.

  • Tim Hecker - Borderlands
  • The Caretaker - I feel as I might be vanishing
  • Nicolas Jaar - Être
  • Oneohtrix Point Never - Nassau
  • Andy Stott - Numb
  • G.H. - Albedo
  • Knxledge - Jam Froze
  • Bijou & VVV - We Used To Hide
  • Rainer Veil - Bala
  • T++ - Voices no Bodies
  • 1991 - Fabric Of Space
  • Objekt - Cactus
  • Oceania - You Live In Me (Feat. N.)
  • Blawan - Potchla Vee
  • Anstam - Cree B
  • Addison Groove - Fuck Tha 101
  • Randomer - Brunk
  • A Made Up Sound - Malfunction (Despair)
  • Nguzunguzu - No Longer
  • SpaceGhost Purrp - Been Fweago
  • Raime - The Walker In Blast And Bottle