London trio Benin City immerse their sound in a smorgasbord of influences, with the result a potent, exhilarating tornado of genres that keeps you on your toes.

And that's just from the single 'Faithless' as we posted about here - the forthcoming collection of track (also known as a 'LP') will surely cement this electic bombasticity. This is very much mirrored in the mix the London-based chaps have created for us, and it's a little different from our previous Plastic Platforms with a healthy dose of guitar-based sounds to be found.

Download it below. Their debut album, Fires In The Park, is due for release on July 1st via Audio Doughnuts.

"I like music that dull my inhibitions. I listen to music mostly through headphones, often travelling. Anything that makes me sing/dance/nod like the screws in my neck are loose while on the bus/train is a winner. Some heartfelt refrain, a killer riff or a drum roll from the gods and I'm belting out my lungs or awkwardly spidering my limbs, before clocking I'm on the 38 Bus and not my bedroom and the women I'm sitting next to has done the sign of the cross twice so I say sorry under my breath. These songs, in their own way, do that to me."

  • Tracklisting
  • Bear In Heaven - Warm Water
  • Ida Maria - Oh My God
  • Raised By Robots - Dinner Pill
  • Department Of Eagles - Sailing By Night
  • Foreign - Born It Grew On You
  • Clark - Henderson Wench
  • The Long Lost - The Art of Kissing
  • Wyclef Jean - Bubblegoose
  • Menahan Street Band - Make The Road By Walking
  • Hooray For Earth - Lovesick Teenagers 90
  • Llane La Havas - Final Form (Everything Everything Cover)
  • Daedelus ft Inara George - Penny Loafers
  • Cocteau Twins - Cherry Coloured Funk