epic45 have been around since 1995 and lay somewhere between the much-mentioned 'seminal' and 'cult' status, their sound nestling in a moody spot between post-rock and indie-rock.

Rob Glover is one-half of the British-based act and recently began his own side-project, Field Harmonics. On offer is a marked departure, choosing to focus on on a more poppier sound utilising a whole array of electronics in the process - as seen in debut LP Walls. We first became aware of his work via 'Everyone' that we subsequently made Track Of The Week in our New Music Friday segment - and loved it so much we asked Rob to create this very mix for us.

It matches the hugely 80s influenced-sound of his own work as you'd expect and is a hoot of a listen; anyone who includes New Order - 'Bizarre Love Triangle' is a friend of ours. Download the exclusive mix here. Walls is out now via Wayside and Woodland Recordings on CD/Digital download.

"I was delighted to be asked by The 405 to contribute an hour long mix based on the music that has influenced on my debut Field Harmonics album, 'Walls'. In keeping with the album, I decided to just include songs produced in the 1980s. All the tracks Ive included here have had an influence on 'Walls' - whether it be a lyrical idea, melody, feel, production trick, motif or feel. This collection doesn't necessarily demonstrate my favourite tracks by these artists, but songs that I had in mind or I was listening to whilst recording 'Walls'. Hope you enjoy..."

  • Tracklist:
  • Depeche Mode - Pimpf
  • OMD - The New Stone Age
  • Pet Shop Boys - Domino Dancing
  • New Order - Bizarre Love Triangle
  • Cocteau Twins - Cico Buff
  • Dave Grusin - Mikey's Vision
  • New Musik - Churches
  • Tears For Fears - The Working Hour
  • Depeche Mode - Here Is The House
  • Alan Silvestri - Transporting The Ship
  • Japan - Ghosts
  • OMD - Souvenir
  • New Order - The Perfect Kiss
  • Human League - Darkness
  • Depeche Mode - But Not Tonight
  • Pet Shop Boys - Kings Cross