If you want to get credible in the music business, put Berlin-based in your press release. A strong runner-up would be 'Toronto-based'.

In the case of Digits it's kind of both - formally a Berlin-resident but now once again a citizen of the culturally-rich Canadian city, where Alt Altman creates enticing synth-pop. Though as explained in his intro below, a heavily London-influenced sound is present, in this Plastic Platform mix created especially for us.

Download the mix below, and be sure to check out the story-driven album released at the start of this year In The City Of The Dead.

London's really crazy diverse in its music scene. I ended up living there for 8 months last year and encountered so many different musicians and cool tiny labels, and having moved back to Toronto this summer, I've now been listening a lot to what those bands have been up to since. All these songs by disparate musicians seemed somehow to fit together well, so I've made an all-London artists mix. There's some exciting new bands that have come out of the scenes I hung around: Virginia Wing and Ed Dowie are the best of the bunch I'd say. I'd like to think that the track I made with fellow Torontonians-in-London Au Palais fits in, I think we count for the purposes of an all-London mix.

So here's what I discovered when I was there! None of these artists are too well-known, most of the best talent in London goes unrecognized, but I suppose that happens everywhere.

  • Hounds of Hate - Head Anthem
  • Omi Palone - Lindsay
  • Virginia Wing - Red Sails
  • Digits feat. Au Palais - Last Trip
  • Ed Dowie - May for a Dead Queen
  • Rhosyn - Volcano (Lovely Thunder Remix)
  • Hot Chip - Motion Sickness (Enjoyed Remix)
  • A Terrible Splendor - China Doll (Soft Riot's Touch Version)
  • Thomas Cade - Cayley