After a lengthy summer break, our Plastic Platform series is back - where we ask some of our favourite electronic acts to create a mix for us.

Californian-based Tree very much falls into the above description. The prodigious experimental production stylings of his took us to exciting new places, see the August EP release of Demons to corroborate this; and thus we couldn't be happier to host Tree's mix that he's dubbed 'Welcome To The Beat Scene', featuring some choice West Coast selections - and a very special remix from Tree himself of fellow beatscener Nosaj Thing.

Check out Tree on Soundcloud and Facebook; download the mix below and stick it in your ears. Your ears will thank you.

"'Welcome to the Beat Scene' is my introduction to electronic, hip-hop fusion. A place where bass music, beats, mumbled verses and dark psychedelia meet up to make up a little bit of magic and leave a bad metallic taste in your mouth. I have included some unreleased material along with a blend of my favourite current producers and production heroes - even paying tribute to Fugees and Nas with a few mashups to merge the modern day production with vocals from a time when hip-hop still breathed a breath of fresh air."

  • Tree - Day Gone
  • Lapalux - Forgetting and Learning Again
  • Groundislava - Animal (Young Montana Remix)
  • Flying Lotus - Between Friends (ft. Earl Sweatshirt)
  • Zack Sekoff - Belly
  • Juj - Mbira Spirit Mash up w/ Fugees - Ready or Not
  • Shigeto - Cupids In Mud Puddles
  • Flying Lotus - Massage Situation Mash Up w/ Nas - I know I can
  • Nas - Nas is Like
  • Jonwayne - So Delirious (ft. Avi)
  • Shelf Nunny - Chewzy
  • Aphex Twin - Alberto Balsalm
  • Erykah Badu - The Healer
  • Tree - Warrior (Docko Remix)
  • Nosaj Thing - Fog (Treemake)