Brooklyn-based musician Lindsay A. Powell, aka Fielded, is responsible for one of the most exciting projects we've heard in quote some time. Referring to her sound as "post-apocalyptic pop", she's set to put out a new release this Spring; Universally Handsome will succeed Ninety Thirty Thirty and is her first record in five years. To celebrate the release, Fielded graced us with a lovely mix for our Plastic Platform series.

Here's what she had to say about it: "This mix is dedicated to all lovers, past and present. Whether you suffer from lack of love, rejoice in the abundance or find yourself in the throws of lust before the storm; whether you feel like you're watching from afar, too deep to know, or seeking the universal kind... this mix is for you. Love is never coming or going, strangers... just changing. Here's to your fourth chakras."

Check the tracklist below:

  • 1. John Cale and Brian Eno: 'Lay My Love'
  • 2. Gloria Ann Taylor: 'What's Your World'
  • 3. Art of Noise: 'Moments in Love'
  • 4. Fleetwood Mac: 'Seven Wonders'
  • 5. The Motels: 'Total Control'
  • 6. Prince: 'Erotic City'
  • 7. Björk: 'Unravel'
  • 8. Zazou and Bikaye: 'Na Kenda'
  • 9. Janet Jackson: 'I Get So Lonely'
  • 10. 'Mariah', from Better Days LP
  • 11. Joni Mitchell: 'People's Parties'
  • 12. Annie Lennox: 'Walking on Broken Glass'
  • 13. Orbital: 'Belfast'

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