Mark McGuire put out Along the Way early this month, a lucid dream of record full of subconscious beauty. There's a track on the LP called 'In the Search of the Miraculous' that McGuire describes as the tale of someone falling in love with knowledge, a love that takes his instrumental protagonist "in search of truth and understanding of himself and the world."

It's clear that Mark McGuire is a thoughtful guy who spends a good deal of his time searching for amazing music within himself and the entirety of collective human intelligence, so we asked him to share just a sliver of that knowledge with us. And he did - making an amazing mix for our Plastic Platform series titled 'Winter Into Spring', just right for these early year months where the season seems to change by the hour.

  • Winter Into Spring
  • 1. Introduction - Excerpt from "Creative Self-Expression: The Lost Art" by Manly P Hall
  • 2. Emerald Web - Ice Caves
  • 3. Zoelie - Lolo
  • 4. Don Robertson - Stardance/Starjourney
  • 5. Alisha - Stargazing
  • 6. Robert Schroeder - Flowmotion
  • 7. Copy Right - Hypnotized (DJ ROAD CHIEF re-edit)
  • 8. Laszlo Bencker - Robot Couture
  • 9. Direct Drive - I Won't Be Back Tonight
  • 10. Benedek - Saturday Jam
  • 11. SASAC - Spring Jam
  • 12. Sally Shapiro - Time To Let Go (CFCF Remix)
  • 13.Bus Crates 16 Bit Ensemble - In Gear
  • 14. M-Town Vice - Champion
  • 15.Kazumi Totaka - BGM 3 (Mario Paint soundtrack)
  • 16. Iasos - The Descent of Spring
  • 17. Manly P Hall - Creative Self-Expression: The Lost Art (excerpt)

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