Conner Youngblood first caught our attention back in 2012 with the beautiful 'Gold' - but since then he's been far from prolific. Until recently that is...

To celebrate the release of his incredible Confidence EP (listen here), we decided it was time for Conner to put together a mix for our Plastic Platform series. Featuring an eclectic range of artists from Marika Hackman to Black Sabbath, Conner has pieced together a mix that faithfully showcases the spectrum of influences found within his own music.

Listen below - we think you'll enjoy it.


1. James Vincent McMorrow - 'Cavalier': My favourite song of '14 thus far. The production and that falsetto left me completely in awe the first time I heard this song. What a climax.

2. The Outcasts - 'Loving You (Sometimes)': Forgot where/how I came across this song, but glad I did. It's crazy to think this song is from the '60s and is still just as cool 50 years later.

3. MADE IN HEIGHTS - 'Pirouette': 'Pirouette'... what an elegant word and what an elegant song. Just came across this band and really enjoying everything I've heard so far.

4. Pusha T - 'Nosetalgia': King Push had one of my favourite albums of last year, and this song should help explain why. Plus, having Kendrick Lamar on the second verse doesn't hurt.

5. Sampha - 'Indecision': This song sounds absolutely effortless in the best possible way. On top of that, the dude's got the voice of an angel and the lyrics hit me hard.

6. Cymande - 'Genevieve': Whenever its time for me to get funky, this is my go-to.

7. King Krule - 'Neptune Estate': Really impressed by the number of influences that went into creating this song, and blown away by how cleanly it came out.

8. Bob Dylan - 'You're a Big Girl Now': Arguably my favourite song by my favourite artist. Tough to choose between the Blood on the Tracks version and Biograph version, but nonetheless, the lyrics remain absolutely heartbreaking.

9. San Fermin - 'Sonsick': An extremely ambitious song (and an even more ambitious album that's worth checking out). I actually went to school with the guy behind this project and never got to meet him. Shucks.

10. Black Sabbath - 'Changes': Besides the fact that this is a great song, the most impressive thing about this track to me is the quality of the recording itself. I love the mix of Ozzy's vocals over the piano and Mellotron. Props to the engineer on this one.

11. Scene Creamers - 'Better all the Time': Badass song that gets me hyped to rock the F out and break shit.

12. Marika Hackman - 'Retina Television': Simplicity at its finest. The beautiful yet minimal production gives room for the words to breathe.

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