Artists find inspiration in the strangest of places and for electronic producer and songwriter Spazzkid (aka Mark Redito) the inspiration for this mix came from browsing everyone's favourite online auction house: "The inspiration for this mix came to me while casually browsing ebay. I figured I would make a mix of songs I'm currently digging to accompany people on their online shopping adventures, something people can get hyped on while spending all their hard earned cash on stuff they would barely use."

The mix contains the original track 'Truly' which is set to be included on Spazzkid's upcoming Promise EP due for release on July 8th via Magical Properties. Promise will follow on from 2013's highly rated Desire LP, which you can name your price for over on Spazzkid's Bandcamp page. Desire caught the ear of many thanks to its lo-fi bedroom produced Asian pop stylings. With solid melodies and bouncy beats, Spazzkid is like a more radio friendly Toro Y Moi or Nosaj Thing. Think a more chillwave version of Ryan Hemsworth's cheery and cheesy melodies crossed with early Gold Panda and you've got yourself a Spazzkid. His mix is a blend of upbeat R&B remixes and J-pop which makes it very danceable for an eBay influenced mix. It's probably a better fit for celebrating winning that bargain novelty toaster than trawling through pages of movie memorabilia on a rainy Sunday.

Download his incredible Online Shopping Mix below.


  • 1. Michael Jackson - 'Rock With You (SteLouse Flip)'
  • 2. Neon Bunny - 'It's You'
  • 3. ALIZZZ - 'I C U'
  • 4. Prizm x Alicia Keys and Usher - 'My Boo'
  • 5. Lindsay Lowend - 'Body Party'
  • 6. Stardust - 'Music Sounds Better (JAWS Version)'
  • 7. Mitch Murder - 'Ocean Avenue'
  • 8. Cats on Mars - 'Pon Pon Pon (Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Cover)'
  • 9. Basenji - 'Speak with a Dofflin (Sable Remix)'
  • 10. Ryan Hemsworth - 'Ryan Must Be Destroyed (Wave Racer Remix)'
  • 11. Louis Futon - 'Sir Rock'
  • 12. Spazzkid - 'Truly (feat. Sarah Bonito)'
  • 13. VesperTown - 'Royal Flash (Tokyo Hands Remix)'
  • 14. Avec Avec - 'Moon Prism'
  • 15. SLUMBERJACK - 'Felon'
  • 16. Cashmere Cat - 'Wedding Bells (Lazerdisk Bootleg)'
  • 17. Valles - 'St. Lucia [feat. Vallès] (L'Étranger Mix)'
  • 18. HARRISON - 'Down, B, Up, B'
  • 19. Spazzkid - 'Flotus (Flying Lotus Cover)'

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