We're very pleased to have Portland-based producer, composer and performer Natasha Kmeto jump on the 74th edition of our Plastic Platform mix series. Her new LP Inevitable is due out in February of next year (stream the title track here).

"I wanted to make a mix that featured a lot of the new music I've been listening to lately, focusing on producers who's music is newer to me (with a couple old favorites in there). I also featured a couple of my favorite remixes that came from a remix competition that the Canadian Festival, Bass Coast, did for some songs off of my last LP. I wanted to span a few genres and also play with how tempos can feel so different depending on the sub-divisions of the rhythmic composition. All in all I just hope that it's fun to listen to!"


  • 1. Time Wharp - Duke 6
  • 2. Lone - Airglow Fires
  • 3. Chambray - Rub
  • 4. Kry Wolf - Bluffin (Benton Mix)
  • 5. JME -If You Don't Know (Nevermind Bootleg)
  • 6. Mumdance & Rabit - Square Wave Shell Down
  • 7. French Fries - U.M-An
  • 8. William Skeng - Visit Me
  • 9. Bone Rock - Souler
  • 10. Natasha Kmeto - Prideless (Nate Connelly Remix)
  • 11. Bobby Tank - Learn From You
  • 12. Lil Silva - On Your Own (feat, Sampha)
  • 13. Natasha Kmeto - Deeply (Sergio Levels Dub Jack)
  • 14. SDJR - Kisses
  • 15. Candide - Bit (Cromie Remix)
  • 16. DJ Dodger Stadium - Friend of Mine