Following the release of his most recent album Privacy, which he delivered earlier this month, Kid Smpl jumped on board for our latest Plastic Platform mix.

Wade through the likes of Tinashe, Sangam, Tim Hecker, WWWINGS and the San Francisco-via-Seattle creator's own eclectic mix of sounds in the fragmented and intriguing twenty-track offering below. It's also a great intro to Kid Smpl if you've yet to pick up his most recent project, (which you can do here.)

  • Tracklisting:
  • Tinashe - 'Ghetto Boy'
  • Embaci - 'New Recording 2'
  • Know V.A. - 'Nevertheless x Biosphere - Than Is The Mater'
  • Sangam - 'Held In Dialogue'
  • Kid Smpl - 'Riven'
  • Kid Smpl - 'Transfer'
  • Tim Hecker - 'Violet Monumental I'
  • Eaves - 'Seas 2'
  • Kid Smpl - 'Holding Pattern'
  • Kid Smpl - 'Belong In Virtual'
  • Kuedo - 'In Your Skin'
  • Sangam - 'Left Out In The Rain'
  • alva noto - 'xerrox 2ndevol'
  • Kid Smpl - 'Blade'
  • Kid Smpl - 'Fell'
  • WWWINGS - 'If There Is No You, Then There Is No Me'
  • Kid Smpl - 'Stasis'
  • Biosphere - 'Aura In The Kitchen With The Candlesticks'
  • FIS - 'Sieve Stack'
  • w. baer - 'Comfort Food'

Kid Smpl's new album Privacy is out on November 11th via Symbols