Fast breaking out from the abyssal depths of underground music but still decidedly subterranean, this is Nightwave. Real name Maya Medvesek, she's a Slovenian-born musicmaker, dabbling in dark, clubby sounds that span genres from Chicago-inspired footwork to modern-day experimentations like grime. Already having been a participant of 2011's Red Bull Music Academy, you can find her music and mixes gracing other platforms like Mixmag, Capital Xtra, Discobelle and i-D.

She's kind of a big deal, basically. And with her Nightlife EP recently released – a dank, ghetto house extravaganza featuring the talents of two female rappers, Ashnikko and TT The Artist – via her own label Heka Trax, it's proof of the talents of this quickly rising producer.

Her mix is, as you'd expect, so underground you'll need your spelunking gear to stay safe down here. There's an edit of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, some DJ Paypal madness, pioneering footwork classics from DJ Rashad – a mix of new and old, but all high-octane, all at breakneck speed.

We caught up with her via email to ask her more about her music and this lovely mix.

Hello Nightwave! How are you?
I'm great thanks I'm just in Egypt having a beer!

Your Nightlife EP has just been released, how has it been handing over your work for public consumption?
It's always very exciting and stressful at the same time, I always end up doubting the whole thing when I hand the masters over but as I released this out on my label I was so busy with the admin side of it that I kinda forgot about to self-indulge in self-doubt. I'm happy it's finally out!

There are two tracks featuring female rappers on the EP, is making beats for rappers something you've done before or ever considered?
Yeah there's two excellent rappers on the EP - Ashnikko and TT the Artist! This was the first time I worked with vocalists and it's been great fun. I've wanted to collaborate with rappers for a long time and I hope to do lots more projects now this is out. I'd love to be able to rap myself but I'm seriously bad haha.

What would you say were the biggest influences on creating this release?
A variety of influences... I always go back to old Chicago and Detroit for inspiration, on the Nightlife EP I think the main influences were probably people like Mr De', Kenny Larkin, DJ Deeon and DJ Assault. The track with TT is a bit more grimey and sounds more modern but I think the other 3 sound quite nostalgic and melodic.

Your mix is very underground, could you please talk us through it?
It's just a high-energy mix influenced by juke and footwork, with tracks from the original Chicago pioneers like Rashad and Spinn, whose work is hugely important.The rest of the tracks are explorations of that energy by producers from around the world, with them adding their own take on it.That's what I love about footwork so much, everyone can relate to it-no matter where you're from, it makes you happy and it makes you dance. 160 is my favourite tempo.

  • Tracklist:
  • Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - PonPonPon (Djemba Djemba Edit)
  • VesperTown - Sugar Rush
  • Arshaw - Jacarta
  • DJ Funeral - Nitemare
  • Joseph Marinetti - 3D Hentai Stud
  • Rustie - Perkk
  • Inkke - Ether Drift Theory
  • Nightwave - Scooter
  • DJ Paypal x HANK - It's U Energy
  • KorgBrain - Higher (Big Dope P Remix)
  • Pushy! - Teo24
  • DJ Paypal x Jackie Dagger x Feloneezy - You Should No
  • Machine Girl - Galatea (Nightwave Remix)
  • DJ Rashad - Let It Go
  • DJ Rashad x Addison Groove - Acid Bit
  • DJ Spinn - I'm Sweatin
  • Sophie - Lemonade (Paypal Edit)
  • Slick Shoota - That Adam F Remix
  • Nightwave - Birdland