The under-talked-about and supremely slept-on producer Jacob 2-2 is the next to be joining the crew of talented producers who've contributed to our Plastic Platform guest mix series so far. We're very happy about this, and we hope you listen to this mix, think, "shit, this guy knows his stuff" and go check out his previous efforts.

He makes what I can best describe only as electro-architectural hip-hop. His mainly instrumental beats are solid, electrically charged, painted with building blocks of bass and swirling melodies like abstractions draped over gargantuan iron girders. His sounds are cities of sound, his beats are buildings, the atmospheres he conjures like real life voyages into the soft-edged memories of your childhood, adolescence, burgeoning adult years.

I first stumbled across his music in the form of his nostalgia-effusing album, Herbivore. It's a journey, a collection of tracks for drifting away, for day-dreaming, for filling a room with a beautiful miasma of sounds. It was released on future-facing Canadian label King Deluxe, which has been a staunch supporter of his music ever since, releasing his recent EP The Rec, a fantastic, supplementary progression of the music that graced Herbivore; in fact, we made the incredibly soaring sounds of 'Central and Mountain', a track from the EP, Track of the Day a few weeks ago.

Basically, his music is more than worth your time. And this mix, the wonderfully titled Community Delinquency (What A Concept) – half-exposition of the some of the inspiration behind his The Rec, half-homage to Robin Williams, interspersed with snippets of his more drug-induced stand-up – is also worth a listen. Including sounds from Prince, the gorgeous slap-bass of Pleasure, plus tracks from friends Julien Mier, Coin Locker Kid, and Muta, it's the perfect illustration of retro sexuality and funk, with a little '80s tough-guy attitude pastiche, angling futuristic sounds at the same time for a neither-here-nor-there alternate reality where we mould our present day based on visions from the past. On the other hand, it's also has the genius of being like an addendum, or a set of notes – bonus material – for The Rec EP.

We also put some succinct questions to Jacob 2-2, who responded succinctly; you can read that lil' Q&A below.

Who are you?
Jacob 2-2

What do you do?
Music, design, animation, run, sleep, eat.

Where are you from?
Atlanta, GA by way of Brooklyn, NY.

What first inspired you to start making music?
Boredom from client work. An irrational urge to express myself in a medium that promises zero financial gain.

What continues to do so?
The damn alimony payments.

Why did you choose these tracks for the mix? What connects them together and also to you as an artist?
My mixes are always a collection of what i've been listening to lately. After his death, I went back and started listening to Robin Williams early standup, the more surreal, long-form, coked-out stuff from the late 70's. So I threw a bunch of that stuff in here. Other than that, it's a collection of music, themes and ideas that influenced my last EP "The Rec", along with tunes from some friends of mine. Enjoy.

  • Tracklist:
  • James Mason – I Want Your Love
  • DJ Premiere – Dadaa
  • M.O.P. – Handle Ur Business
  • Akkedro – Hold Tight
  • Chief – Breeeeezzzzzeeee
  • Jacob 2-2 – Pick My Ass Up, Space Coaster
  • Muta – what she wants
  • Madlib – Cluster Ghosts
  • Jean Luc-Ponty – King Kong
  • Pleasure – Glide
  • Firefox – Radiotron
  • Prince – Erotic City
  • Amalia – Luxurious
  • Roy Ayers – Slyde
  • Coin Locker Kid – Indigo Land.
  • 10th Letter – Divine Rites
  • Cotton Claw – Crooked (Julien Mier Remix)
  • Stephen Farris – Disco Noise
  • Jacob 2-2 – Save Miracles
  • Jovian Path – Blue Dot
  • DJ Rashad – Everyday of My Life (feat. DJ Phil)
  • Jacob 2-2 – Dodgeballer (Picked Last)
  • Ras G – Late Night Hype…Outro
  • James Mason – I Want Your Love (continued)