Hello there. It's another guest mix for our Plastic Platform series. This time around it comes from Los Angeles-based independent label, Deathbomb Arc. Established in 1998 by Brian Miller, who apparently promoted his cat Leroy Brown to acting CEO (a position the cat held till his death in 2014), the label aims to release music usually deemed too experimental to be allowed any contact at all with the general population, and reach people who usually have to wait until a certain sound or style is more accepted until they get to hear it. Kudos to them, we say.

The label also shared a few words on their mix, which is a diverse one indeed, with tracks from Soulja Boy and 2 Chainz alongside the theme from season 2 of Baywatch Nights, and that of Walker Texas Ranger, too.

"A selection of sounds commonly heard around Deathbomb HQ this summer. From music we're enjoying both new and old, to artists we're working with, to tv shows we're watching. Would have included some field recordings of our neighborhood, but our new location in Santa Maria, CA is near silent compared to our previous, super urban spot in Los Angeles."


  • Tracklist
  • 1. Baywatch Nights season 2 theme
  • 2. Soulja Boy - 'High School'
  • 3. Snow Tha Product - 'Yeah I Said It'
  • 4. Hareld - 'Strange Beginnings'
  • 5. Excerpt from Comedy Bang Bang
  • 6. David Banner - 'On Everything (ft. Twista)'
  • 7. Tina Age 13 - 'Empty Daisy Field'
  • 8. Jonathan Snipes, Daveed Diggs, and Signor Benedick The Moor - '12:00am'
  • 9. They Hate Change - 'Summer'
  • 10. The Breeders - 'Safari'
  • 11. 2 Chainz - 'Where You Been? (ft. Cap1)'
  • 12. Chuck Norris - 'Walker Texas Ranger theme'
  • 13. The Nether-Carols - 'Bosemans Simplex'
  • 14. Excerpt from The Fall of Sam Ax
  • 15. Mystikal - 'Bullshit'
  • 16. That Deathbomb juicy goose…