Shall we do things differently and start with the mission statement?

"With this mix, I want to bring awareness to how the glamorous music of reality television transcends its vernacular and prevails as some of the purest pop music we have today."

We'll be honest, we weren't expecting a mix like this when we reached out to Blank Body, but we're pretty damn impressed with the outcome. Taking in everything from Hilary Duff to Kim Kardashian, this is a mix you'll have on repeat like the shows that inspired it. Check it out below, and head here to enter Blank Body's world.


  • 1. Michaele Salahi - 'Bump It'
  • 2. Private Security - 'Butterfly Pendant'
  • 3. Kim Zolciak - 'Google Me' (Dior Therapy Bootleg)
  • 4. Adamn Killa - 'Sorry'
  • 5. Hilary Duff - 'With Love' (myalbum001 Edit)
  • 6. Glam Empire - 'GTL Eternal'
  • 7. Kandi - 'Don't Think I'm Not'
  • 8. Jordan Knight - 'Give It To You'
  • 9. Kim Kardashian - 'Jam (Turn It Up)'
  • 10. Contact Lens - 'Tan Denali'
  • 11. Night Lovell - 'Female Confusion'
  • 12. Kenya Moore - 'Gone With the Wind Fabulous' (myalbum001 Flip)