For our 20th Plastic Platform mix, we looked to the coruscating-synth spectacular outfit known as Le Galaxie, and the 30 mins of music is everything you'd expect from the good-time Dubliners.

The foursome splice the suave nature of Chromatics with a busier, wholly ebullient pop-sensibility - which culminated in the Fade 2 Forever EP released over the summer (released on a super sexy white 10"). As hinted at the their intro below, it all wouldn't sound too out of place in the Drive Soundtrack; so slip on your most stylish pair of gloves, perfect your thousand-yard stare, turn it up and put your foot down.

When we're out driving, making our way to or from a gig, we usually break out the CD wallets / MP3 players.

Here's a list of tracks that you'd be likely to hear if we'd kidnapped you for the evening. Head down now, that's a police car up ahead!


  • Zombie Zombie - Driving this road until death sets you free
  • Ariel Pink - Round and Round
  • The Golden Filter - Solid Gold
  • Kavinsky - Dead Cruiser
  • Zombi - Shrunken Heads
  • M83 - Teen Angst
  • Holy Other - Yr Love
  • Stevie Nicks - Stand Back
  • Colonel Abrahms – Trapped
  • Holy Ghost! - Do it again
  • 4h30 – Danger
  • Super Dirty Car - Get A Grip (VIP Edit)