The delightfully heterogeneous producer known as Antwerp kicked up a bit of a stir on the internet this week with the unveiling of new tracks, such as this one that we premiered as a download.

This is down to the release of forthcoming EP, Permanent State, which is out on September 24th via digital label Noise Praise; and if you're into your subtly warped electronica with a playful Seams-vibe, then go and investigate. Listen to his mix for our Plastic Platform series below, and be sure to read the rather lovely intro below - and stream the EP here.

"This mixtape is made up of tracks to drag your mind over the stars, to explore the hidden realms of sonic dismay and chaotic geometry.

Since I was a kid, I always lost myself in feathery, ethereal thoughts. Growing up I discovered electronic music and I loved how the intensity of repetitive sounds could let my mind float away.

In my opinion this music reveals 'symbolic archetypes', deep inside our heads. A universal language that everyone knows and no one can define. Something that escapes from the extreme control of time and space. The exciting thing about music is: when you talk about it, everyone has a different impression about what they have been listening to. No matter what I say, you will always find something peculiarly different in the mix I made up here. It happens. I hope you enjoy listening to it."

  • Slow Magic And Beat Culture - Once
  • Vacationer - Trip (Mmoths Remix)
  • Fever Ray - If I Had A Heart (Madeaux Remix)
  • Beat Connection - Balearic Trunk Rhythm
  • Nathan Fake - Falmer
  • Dan Deacon - Pink Batman
  • Astronautica - Philippines
  • Maundrie Fox - I Miss
  • Majical Cloudz - Turns Turns Turns (Yalls Re-Edit)
  • Antwerp - Outro