One of our esteemed writers summed up a track, 'Dig', by Fortune Howl rather astutely, and how he "successfully managed to soundtrack the noise in my head as I stumbled home half-drunk at 3am this morning; releasing the outcome as the impeccably weird yet incredibly enticing 'Dig'."

Exactly. Florida-based multi-instrumentalist Bryce Linde is the 18-year-old prodigious talent behind the psych-tones and warped beats, who we picked out in our Seven producers making us feel old feature, and here has created a surreal diaphanous journey plunged into an ambient dreamscape for our latest Plastic Platform mix. Dive in.

This is a mix of songs that make me think about dreams. I think they all have a certain atmosphere to them that is especially immersive. I have been heavily inspired by my dreams lately and it just seemed fitting that i should make a mix reminiscent of them. Probably sounds best through some headphones, stoned and alone at a park at like 3 in the morning or something.

  • Tracklist
  • Himuro Yoshiteru-REM Sleep
  • Dunian-Where is the Problem
  • Kwala-Sail the wooden horse
  • My Dry Wet Mess-Dysfunctional Behaviours
  • Motoro Faam-And Snowmelts
  • Rei Harakami-Owari No Kisetsu
  • Ametsub-Snowy Lava
  • Time Wharp- yrlyf
  • Shigeto- Field Day (braille remix)
  • Bre'r- (remix) Of No Vision