With his double EP An Introduction To Failure coming out on May 26th via Naim Records, Ugandia-born, UK-raised musician Daudi Matsiko is set to make 2017 his great year. We've invited him to craft us a mix for our Plastic Platform series, and the result is this heterogenic beauty which he calls a "small journey through records and artists that have in some way meant something to me and my development as a songwriter."

"All of these songs are beautiful and each one knocked me sideways when I heard them for the first time. In terms of what you’ll hear in the mix - I wanted to show some of my workings out - like how long division works in school but with records," he continues. "Some of these records influenced my record An Introduction To Failure. All of these records have been a part of the journey in some way. All of the tracks that make up this mix have something in common - beyond me liking them - they are all transformative. Either in theme or context. I try to write transformative music… My favourite songs are ones that take their own path and have their own journey, challenging what is expected of them. I definitely struggled choosing songs, but I just went with tunes that I think are really sincere. I hope you enjoy it."

We sure did. Listen below.


'St. Martin de Porres' - Mary Lou Williams
'Sugah Daddy' - D’Angelo
'Sound & Color' - Alabama Shakes
'Clap Track 4' - Dorian Concept
'Sum Body' - Lapalux
'Ramada' - Kidepo
'Out The Way' - Nadine Shah
'Ain’t it Funny' - Danny Brown
'Immigrant Boogie' - Ghostpoet
'Lonely World' - Moses Sumney
'Redford (for Yia-Yia and Pappou)' - Sufjan Stevens
'Inner Lover' - Land Of Talk
'Boots of Spanish Leather' - Bob Dylan
'True Love Waits' - Radiohead
'Intuition' - Feist