We've had this on constant repeat this past week.

At the start of the year, New York-based producer Killer Bee floored us with his insane dream-hop tape, Otaku, so we had to draft him in for our Plastic Platform series. We just had to. Check it out below, along with his detailed breakdown of what he picked.

"I wanted to showcase some of the talent of the emerging online lo-fi hip-hop scene, as well as one or two songs that I've recently been obsessed with. The online lo-fi scene is huge so it was really hard to narrow it down to just a 45-minute mix, but the artists I've included are all top notch. These are the artists that, in my opinion, make the best lo-fi music by pushing the envelope of the genre or continually blow me away with their sample/drum selections.

"In general, the artists I've selected are all inspirations of mine and push me to try and make better music, in an effort to one day be on their level. It's hard to parse through today's saturated lo-fi scene, but hopefully this inspires any listener to delve more deeply into it and also help everyone realize that lo-fi hip hop isn't just boom bap drums over Joe Pass samples. It is actually an incredibly complex and interesting genre when switched up and pushed to its boundaries.

"Mt. marcy and tomppabeats are at the intersection between bae wave and lo-fi, seamlessly stitching together hauntingly dreamy melodies over dope drum samples. SwuM., idntrmmbr, bilo503, O.S.L., Sleepy Eyes, sum total, bzkt., and mndbd regularly push the boundaries of lo-fi and refuse to let it become complacent. They mesh various genres together like future, jazz, and downtempo and are all huge inspirations of mine.

"Jingsang, a.bee, envlps (plusma and tusken), bsd.u, j^p^n, and eevee are masters at their craft and just make incredible hip-hop period. A few of those mentioned are also the leaders of the online movement, refining its sound and pushing it to the forefront.

"Ewonee, Ahwlee, devonwho, dil withers, tuamie, ohbliv, josh hey, Knxwledge, are the leaders of the lo-fi/instrumental beat movement in real life and are in my opinion the "major leagues" of the scene. If my music was half as good as these guys I'd be incredibly happy. And yeah people sleep on Lord Apex, Pink Siifu, Chester Watson, and Louis Culture - these guys are all so so dope and some of the best lo-fi rappers/singers in the game.

"So sleep while you can because they are definitely about to blow up. The last song I just threw at the end because I recently watched FLCL and I'm obsessed with the ost."



bsd.u - 'last summer'
j^p^n - 'sun. [ ]'
O.S.L. - 'diamonds'
Eevee - 'azalea'
tomppabeats - 'goodbye' (feat. rei brown)
mt. marcy - 'whispuur'
Sleepy Eyes - 'haiku' (feat. bilo503)
Ahwlee - 'dear_summer' (feat. Pink Siifu)
ewonee - 'Fallbak.'
devonwho - 'Andthentherewas'
dil withers - 'Freq' (feat. Tuamie)
ohbliv - 'Vizionz(makemefeel)'
Josh Hey - 'meek (inst)'
Knxwledge - 'wngs'
Killer Bee - 'dwn 4 u' (unreleased)
a.bee - 'lost disciple'
jinsang - 'bliss'
envlps (plusma & tusken) - 'loveboat'
bzkt. - 'we should go.'
bzkt. - 'we are all fcked' (feat. Chester Watson)
Lord Apex - 'yoshimitsu' (feat. Louis Culture) [Prod. Senzo]
SwuM. - 'cocaina'
Sum Total - 'Luv U'
mndb - 'peachy'
xxxtentacion - 'i dont wanna do this anymore'
idntrmmbr - 'i dont want to do this.'
The Pillows - 'Last Dinosaur'